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Effective leadership:
How to build a team that understands your market, vision and objectives
May 2013

As leaders, we understand that our actions, whether good, bad, positive or negative, are being continually examined. Our job as leaders is to create a vision, develop and execute strategic plans, define goals, and set objectives aimed at creating excellence through products and services that address the needs of the customers and markets we serve. Read More

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The power of empowerment
March 2013

Corporate entrepreneurship is picking up a few nicknames as it becomes a trending topic in discussions. “Intrapreneurship,” a term used by Steve Jobs in a Newsweek article in 1985, will still drive your autocorrects and spell checks crazy. Read More

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Tenacity, preparation make you attractive credit risk
February 22, 2013

Getting the bank’s expectations and understanding its needs is something that Tony Arnold, principal of consulting firm Upfront Management and former president and CEO of Solae Co., advises his clients to do. Before they set foot in the banker’s office, he instructs them to think like a banker. Read More

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How to stay poised for opportunity in a tough economy
January 2013

We are barraged each day with opinions on the economy, jobs, health care costs and a host of other topics that can affect consumer confidence. Information is plentiful, but it is often contradictory, leaving people to decide who and what to believe. Read More

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How contract details can make or break your company's future
November 2012

Contracts and legal agreements can play a key role in determining whether a company flourishes or flounders, but it’s easy to skip over the details when more urgent matters come into play. Those who don’t come back to those details when the fire has been put out, however, run the risk of bigger problems down the road. Read More

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Why you should be studying your competition and how to do it
August 2012

Don’t let the words “competitive intelligence” intimidate you. First, there’s nothing underhanded about using the resources at your disposal to keep a close eye on your competitors. We’re not talking about sneaking into a competitor’s office to find proprietary information or planting a “mole” to report back to you on the competition’s latest research. Read More

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Why you need to show employees you care before you lose them
June 2012

Do you understand the challenges your employees face? If you don’t, you need to. Any work force that has lived through these times of dislocation, reduced disposable income, rising prices for food, gasoline and other necessities and unrelenting worries about the future is, quite understandably, a much-changed group. Read More

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Why you need to be more conscious of your image in the office
April 2012

Your own approach to the work that your company does transcends all aspects of your business. It sets the tone for pace, execution and employee engagement and results. Read More

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Why you can’t expect money to solve every one of your problems
February 2012

There are better ways to grow sales than to merely throw money at the problem, whether that means more money spent on advertising, a bigger sales force or beef-ed up expenditures in other business areas. A close look at your pricing policies, your customer relationships and your sales team’s needs and capabilities can reveal ways to grow revenues even when times are tough. Read More

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Are you one of those controlling micromanagers?
December 2011

There are companies out there, which, despite their outward success and public reputation, suffer from a discipline problem. Uncertain about the rationale for undertaking projects or their relative priorities, the staff plods along, half-heartedly working on projects, missing or putting off deadlines and, in the end, creating a need for more work to fix what was missed the first time around. Read More

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Innovation requires a plan to make a difference
October 2011

Organizations often must overcome obstacles in order to grow through the process of innovation. The ability to do this effectively is vital to any organization’s future. Read More

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How to launch a strategy with discipline
August 2011

Successful leaders know how to get in touch with their customers, their market, their competitors and their organization. They have their finger on the pulse of the overall business environment and economic cycles. Read More

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How to turn the corner and start growing again
June 2011

As we make our way out of the worst economic downturn in our professional lifetimes, we are challenged to engage our organizations in the effort to turn the corner and achieve growth. Leaders have historically relied upon innovation, discipline and consistency to do so. Read More

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Five Questions: Ex-Solae exec now offers advice on growing a business
November 2010

Tony Arnold says he knew he wanted to go into business for himself after he left Solae Co., a St. Louis-based global manufacturer of soy protein for food products, in 2007.

Ready for a career change after four years at Solae, Arnold began offering his services as a business consultant. Read More

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A Consultant Who Can Peel An Onion Can Get Business Cooking
November 2010

Corporate executives generally recognize that it’s time to call in a consultant when they identify some point of pain and realize that fixing it will require help from outside the organization. As the consultant begins problem solving, the predicament is oftentimes recognized to be a symptom of one or a host of other issues. Read More